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"Flattery will get you everywhere" is a lesson Jay Green has learned by heart. This smooth-talking stud knows the importance of well-chosen words when it comes to the ladies, and Jay knows just how to pick the best bon mots that will have even the hottest foxes wrapped around his little finger. Of course, Jay is always ready to back up his words with action! This funny hunk makes sex his number one priority, particularly when it comes to his hot partner's pleasure. Jay's always ready to cancel plans or call in late to work with a well-chosen excuse if he can score a quickie instead. Lucky for Jay, he found a career where getting laid is his job, and ever since, he always shows up bright and early! Known for the way he gives his costars some good-natured teasing before they get down and dirty, Jay loves to tease starlets before giving all the hard dick they want. Watch Jay talk his way into the pants of the hottest babes on earth now.

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