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Every group of friends has that one member who acts as the instigator for every wild adventure, and in the porn game, that role definitely falls to Mike Hunt. This tall ebony stud may not be the one who dreams up the madcap schemes or even the one who carries them out, but it's his mere presence, with that twinkle in his eye all his bros know so well, that influences everyone around him to throw caution to the wind and go crazy. One minute, this athletic hunk might just be throwing a ball around with his buddies or working out with his girl, and the next, an impetuous adventure has begun that might end with anything from an impromptu trip to Mexico to a full-blown orgy! Mike claims that he doesn't know how he's able to influence even the most straitlaced girls to go bad and indulge in public sex and rowdy exploits, but this stud has resolved only to use his abilities for good...or at least, a very good time!

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